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Strada Delle Dolomiti Vacation Travel Video Guide

Travel video about destination Strada Delle Dolomiti in Austria.
The Strada Delle Dolomiti that stretches across 109 kilometre across the mountain landscape of the Southern Tyrol is a superb and dramatic experience in any season.Past centuries-old farmhouses, mountain peaks tease the sky majestically and whether it’s mountain climbing or hiking, the Dolomites offer something for everyone and for motorcars, cyclists and motorbikes, the mountain roads pose a real challenge. Three pinnacles are considered to be the essence of the Dolomites, namely the Western, Large and Small Pinnacle. The view of the three pinnacles is magnificent as Nature manifests itself as the petrified air of high altitude, the fickleness of the wind and the blinding light of eternal snow. Cortina D´Ampezzo is Italy’s main alpine resort and visitors from all over the world holiday in this splendid town the centre of which has a good deal of old world charm and where the facades of its chalets and hotels are covered with frescos painted by great artists. The stretch of land from the Schlüterhütte to the Grödner Joch has been described as “a pearl of a landscape”. The route travels across small peaks and leads to a meadow of edelweiss and a mountain journey via cable car brings the steep mountain walls to within one’s grasp. At the Giro d´Italia, the world’s finest cyclists fight it out over several Dolomite passes. One of the laps crosses the highest point, the Pordoi Pass. For those who wish to spend some time here, there are several first class hotels, well-equipped Alpine chalets and comfortable guesthouses. The Dolomites have been granted the status of World Heritage Site by Unesco, a small section of Planet Earth that should be nurtured, quite rightly, as though it is a unique and rare work of natural art.

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