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FAMILY shares CONCERNS over our TRAVEL lifestyle

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Are we selfish parents for traveling with our kids? Are we setting Georgia up for failure? Do we have a backup plan or a plan B if all goes wrong? Just some of the concerns and questions family has been eager to ask so we thought we would sit down with Jazz’s sister and hash it out! Hope you enjoy the chat 🙂

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Our Curious Georgia

1. 1:46- How did family initially react to our overseas plan?

2. 3:04- Did family have legit concerns about our wellbeing?

3. 4:02- Did the ​family’s attitude change the longer we were away?

4. 4:54- What’s our 5-25 year game plan?

5. 7:35- What is our backup plan? Do we have a plan B?

6. 8:39- What is the end goal that we hope to accomplish?

7. 9:14 – Are we setting Georgia up for failure with our lifestyle?

8. 11:16- Can we still teach Georgia great values in life by staying in Canada?

9. 12:45- Why not stay in Canada so Georgia can have a closer relationship with cousins?

10. 17:14- Would family live our lifestyle if they were given the chance?

11. 18:53- Are we selfish for traveling with our kids?

12. 22:24- Are we selfish for removing our kids from their extended family?

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