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An unforgettable experience! | Chiang Mai Vlog 2

Hello and welcome to my second vlog! I had a blast filming and editing this video, and I hope you enjoy watching it. Go ahead and subscribe if you would like to see more!

Chiang Mai Elephant Sanctuary

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With You by baoj

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Regarding my comments on elephant riding: please note that I do not wish to paint with a broad brush – I am certain that there are places which offer elephant riding using methods that are more ethical than what I described. I do not want to come across as professing to know all that goes on behind the scenes. But, elephant abuse for the purpose of shows, riding, etc. is a real, documented, ongoing issue. By opting to attend a sanctuary, you are supporting both the elephants’ wellbeing as well as local tribes which often provide the sanctuary with food for the elephants.
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