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😱OMG I nearly CUT OFF my Finger! 👈 – Expat Family Travel Vlogs 2017 Spain

😱OMG I nearly CUT OFF my Finger! 👈 – Expat Family Travel Vlogs 2017 Spain

Living in and enjoying travelling Spain 2017, We have learnt so much during our time in Spain and are feeling sad that our time here is coming to an end soon, we have to give in our notice today on the apartment we rent. But hey who knows what could be next in this journey!

We are –

🕵 Papa Kei

💋 Mama Shri

🌸 Pretty Petal – Kesh

🙊 Cheeky monkey – Kalan

Fun family vloggers with 2 kids, with a love for nature! Moving countries, changing our lives! Exploring and discovering while world schooling and home educating our kids. Learn with us as we travel and learn to earn an income online. All this with just 3 Cases, 2 Kids and 1 Car.

Seeking a life of full time travel and location independence! Life’s too short not to follow your dreams, right!?! We love to laugh together, learn together and explore new places 🙂

You can follow us on Instagram, tumblr and Facebook. Real life Vlogs, transient living, epic road trips and fun family days out with the kids.

Discover with us as we explore new places. Find accommodation and explore the cost of living. Adventure with a real life, genuine, expat, worldschooling family.

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